How has the dream connected/or not to your life?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a american studies discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.This is a 2-part assignment. The 1st part is to read the material and then write the initial discussion post 250 words minimum. The 2nd part is to write a short reply to 3 classmates posts, 100 words minimum. Once the initial post is completed, I will post here 3 other classmates posts for you to write a short reply to. Replies must be thorough and complete and focused on the topic not your opinion of how the classmate wrote their post or what they should change etc. Find attached the reading material.** THE INITIAL POST MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF TUTOR ACCEPTING THE ASSIGNMENT **Assignment:How has your definition of the American Dream changed since you’ve engaged the course readings? How has the dream connected/or not to your life? Please address the readings and learning modules as part of your post. Avoid, phrases such as: “good post,” “I think,” “to me,” “in my opinion,” and “I agree.” Simply present your argument with supporting material from the course. After posting a detailed response, post to a peer’s submission offering examples of what you think they are alluding to or how your definition compares. Finally, pose a question to be answered by either your peers or the instructor based on your post.
Requirements: 250/100

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