How do you think the media influences your self-perception and body image?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications question and need guidance to help me learn.1. How do you think the media influences your self-perception and body image?3. Find an example of an “atypical” body represented in the media (a magazine, TV show, or movie). Is this person presented in a positive, negative, or neutral way? Why do you think this person was chosen?Scoring (total points possible are 0 to 50):The following are worth 5 points each if the student has included them; 0 points for not including them (these are all or none point values: the only possible scores are 0 or 5 for each item):1) at least 500 words total (not per question; NOTE: your name, COMM 101, the instructor’s name, the date, the title, the prompt, and the reference section do not count in the word total) (0 or 5 points)2) personal reflection/argument has been humanized (0 or 5 points)3) uses examples (0 or 5 points)4) explicitly cites course material in the text of the answer (a reference page alone is not sufficient) (0 or 5 points)The following are worth 15 points each and are graded on a sliding scale (any point value from 0-15 is possible):1) explaining how you think the media influences your self-perception and body image (0 to 15 points)2) analyzing an “atypical” body from the media (0 to 15 points)
Requirements: 500 words minimum   |   .doc file

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