How do you think it is for people who have these limitations on a long-term and sometimes permanent basis?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.PLEASE RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:1. WHICH SENSE DO YOU VALUE THE MOST (VISION; HEARING; TASTE; TOUCH; SMELL)? WHY? (1/2 page minimum)2. EXPLAIN ANY INFLUENCES THAT YOUR CULTURE AND/OR FAMILY BACKGROUND HAS HAD ON YOUR SENSE OF TASTE (IN FOODS). (1/2 page minimum)3. PLEASE SHARE ANY EXPERIENCES YOU’VE HAD WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE SENSORY DEFICITS OR PHYSICAL IMPAIRMENTS (I.E., BLINDNESS; HEARING LOSS OR TOTAL DEAFNESS; STROKE VICTIMS WHO HAVE LOST CERTAIN ABILITIES; ETC.). HOW HAS THEIR IMPAIRMENT OR DEFICIT HAD AN IMPACT ON THEIR LIVES (I.E., DAILY ROUTINE; DEPENDENCE ON OTHERS; ETC)? HOW HAS THIS HAD AN IMPACT ON THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS—THE PEOPLE CLOSEST TO THEM? (1/2 page minimum)Part 2:Spend between 1 -4 hours (as your schedule and circumstances allow) conducting a study of how it would be to have a particular physical or sensory impairment. Use any creative ideas you might have to simulate blindness; being unable to walk; confined to a wheelchair; use of one limb only; deaf; unable to speak; etc. Pay particular attention to how challenging it is for your conduct your normal daily activities. Be sure to notice how others respond to you and how you respond differently to your environment.Write a 1/2 page summary about your experiences, addressing the following items and any other ideas and thoughts you would like to express. What surprised you about this activity? How challenging was it for you to participate in this “experiment?” How do you think it is for people who have these limitations on a long-term and sometimes permanent basis?Do not use any outside sources. It should be all a experience
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