how do the works comment on ideas at the intersection of affect, perception, sensation, time

1. A four pages paper, with the topic with Indigenous people picture than only choose 3-4 pics from the website that I gave you. Please Screenshot which pics you chose to do this analysis.
2. APA format and read the reading that I gave you, plz note the pages as well. I do not need any summarize of the reading sentence, i need a paraphrase sentence that was easier for me to proofreading.
3. “Finally, how do the works comment on ideas at the intersection of affect, perception, sensation, time, space, technology, or movement in relationship to either Indigenous or colonial identities (Pick 3)”, I would like you to chose the affect, technology and perception to go through entire article.
4. Essay format: Introduction; First Body paragraph 1( which should talk about the affect);Second Body paragraph 2(Technology); Third Body paragraph 3 (perception). Please contain the reading that I gave you, provide the specific pics that you analysis for each part and screenshot as well.
5. These Indigenous people all come from Canada should be all included.
6. Reading is too much pages you could chose a specific chapter to read. Pay attention, you need to labelled the page for the in -text citation.

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