how culture, politics, econhow culture, politics, economic systems, and financial systems affect international business operations;

Plagiarizing means “F” in this course. Review and understand What is Plagiarism. Now, you have learned about how culture, politics, economic systems, and financial systems affect international business operations; it is time for you to put them into practice.
The cross-cultural assignment asks you to identify the cultural, social or political inappropriateness/conflict and how the misunderstanding portrayed could have been avoided.
Besides the information you learned from the textbook and videos, you will have to do some research online (Googling) to learn more about business and cultural practices in order to answer the questions.
Assignment Expectations:
1. Page requirement: ONE page.
2. Answer all the questions in the assignment file in a short answer essay format. Don’t copy and paste the questions in the essay.
The answer needs to be factual, clear and precise. Do your research from crediable sources not from social media such twitter, TikTok, IG, Facebook or etc.
3. You MUST apply two terminologies OR concepts from the Chapter 2-6.
You MUST provide the textbook definition for each terminology or concept and explain how each relates to the situation.
4. Bold and Underline the two terminologies OR concepts.
5. Reference Page: Provide MLA in-text citations and a reference page for your research.
Include the textbook and page number in the reference for the terminologies or concepts.
6. Format: single space between sentences and double space between paragraphs, and insert the page number.
7. Correct spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar so I can understand your answers.
8. Review the attached example from past semesters so you know what the writing should look like.
Keep in mind, the requirements for this assignment are different from the example.
Submission requirements:
1. The assignment must be in Microsoft Word file format. I will ONLY accept Microsoft Word file.
You will receive ZERO for the assignment if I can’t open the file

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