Gas Exchange

(Make sure you are specific on which Concept and the date & time of the DFC or VCBC class.)
If you did a notebook for this concept in a previous term, you should add to the content, but you will need to date all new content and expand, using different color and/or font. Submitting the same notebook without noting the changes is considered plagiarism. ANY plagiarism issues noted will result in a 0 grade.The assignment will need to be redone for the ability to pass the course, but your score will remain a 0.< THIS WILL BE MONITORED BY ALL FACULTY! Correct APA in-text citations will save you.
Example: Gas Exchange BSN205;Gas Exchange BSN246,Gas Exchange BSN366
This will also serve as a study aide for you as you continue through the program, study for the HESI and NCLEX exams. Your reference should be your course textbooks available via the course link, so please site per APA guidelines. Do NOT copy and paste, it must all be in your own words.
DOB 9 28 46 75 year old male.
VS 116/60 98.2 88, 20 99% 3/10 pain
full code
deaf 0 white board
regular diet
DX; lack of expected normal physiological development
paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, Park dieses, essentials tumor, Vit D def, muscle weakness, arrhythmia , constipation,
post rotator cuff repair
Ax0 3-4
Cholecalfiferol tablet 1.25 mg
hydrocodone acetaminophine 5 325 1 tab Q 6 for pain
Clonazepam tab 0.5 mg
Irone plus tablet
B complex
amiodarone HC tab
I need examplers

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