Find primary research articles (use or Pubmed) that describe some aspect of somatosensation.

For the somatosensation reflection report, you are to use the information provided in the how to read a scientific paper and apply it. Find primary research articles (use or Pubmed) that describe some aspect of somatosensation. This can be anything that is of particular interest to you (a disease state, a unique feature of somatosensation, a specific type of receptor class, a unique somatic sensation in a different animal, processing of somatic sensory information, etc.). Some options may be found in the Somatosensation Objectives document. These are chapters from books, articles, or other sources about diseases and disorders of somatosensation. You are welcome to dig more into one of these areas or find something else of interest. This is incredibly open-ended for a reason. That reason is to get you exploring this area of neuroscience beyond the basic information provided for you through the videos. Everyone’s interests are different, so find something that is interesting to you. It also provides you an opportunity to practice finding primary literature.
Using the information from the How to Read a Scientific Paper video, how to read a scientific paper blog, and the how-to (seriously) read a scientific article, write your reflection of the topic you’ve selected. It will be much easier to answer these questions if you select a primary research article and not a primary review article.
In your reflection, include the following information:
Bibliography information about selected paper(s)
Include how you found the article and why you selected it
Background information needed to understand the topic/aspect of somatosensation
Summary of experiments used to explore the aspect of somatosensation
Summary and integration of main findings
Significance of this aspect of somatosensation on the sense as a whole
Your thoughts on why this aspect/topic is important and the implications it has on our perception of reality
Any outstanding questions you have about the topic that were not addressed in the article(s)
Follow the specific formatting instructions found in the Specific Formatting Instructions document. Upload your completed reflection to the Assessment upload on Moodle on or before the due date. If you noticed, there is no page limit for this reflection. It is up to you to decide whether each of the pieces has been addressed sufficiently. If you can complete this in 0.5 page, great. If you need 6 pages, ok. If you take longer than the article(s) you are describing, have you considered graduate school? Or medical writing? You may be excellent at it…
Points Possible: 40
TLDR: Pick a more specific aspect of somatosensation. Find articles about it. Read them. Then write about each of the bullet points above.

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