Explain why income is a major social determinant of health in this pandemic?

According to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of cases in the Covid-19 infection has topped 71 million and the total number of deaths is approaching 870,000 in the U.S. (CNN 1/24/2022). From the “social-determinants-of-health” perspective, it can be assumed that there are social patterns in the health outcomes related to Covid-19. First, based on the two textbooks, explain why the socioeconomically disadvantaged are more likely than others to be less healthy. Be specific about who is considered as socioeconomically disadvantaged. Second, describe the social patterns in Covid-19 infection and deaths by socioeconomic status (income in particular). While scientific data on Covid-19-related health disparities are still inadequate, the following sources provide some useful insights (cite two or more of the following articles, in addition to the relevant course materials): BMJ article, and WP article. Explain why income is a major social determinant of health in this pandemic?

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