Explain how effective business communication is achieved

Impact of Technology on Business Communication; Ethics and Etiquette
Understand the role of good communication skills in your professional success
Explain how effective business communication is achieved
Examine tools used for effective business communications
List communication barriers
Describe the impact that technology has had on business communications
Analyze ethical issues related to communication
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of working in teams
Explain effective team management strategies
Identify appropriate business communication and collaboration etiquette
Assignment Overview
In this assignment, you will explore the impact technology has had on business communication. You will also explore how to communicate in an effective and ethical way and why it is important to consider etiquette in your business communications.
A 250 – 300 word paper, formatted using APA academic standards for essays, summarizing the article; responses to exercise questions (Steps 3 – 4), formatted as a numbered answer sheet.
Step 1 Research the impact of technology on business communication.
Find an article related to the impact technology has had on business communication by doing a search online. Find an online article that is at least 3 pages in length. Summarize the article in a 250 – 300 word document (essay format). Be sure to include in-text citations for any direct quotes or paraphrases and an APA style reference to the article at the end of the document.
Step 2 Analyze ethical business decisions (numbered response #2).
Using a word processor, respond to the bulleted items. Use Standard Academic English in full sentences (no fragments or bulleted lists). Explain why you think each of the following is or is not ethical:
Keeping quiet about a possible environmental hazard you’ve just discovered in your company’s processing plant
Overselling the benefits of instant messaging to your company’s management; they never seem to understand the benefits of technology, so you believe it’s the only way to convince them to make the right choice
Telling an associate and close friend that she’d better pay more attention to her work responsibilities or management will fire her
Recommending the purchase of excess equipment to use up your allocated funds before the end of the fiscal year so that your budget won’t be cut next year
Step 3 Analyze meeting etiquette (numbered response #3).
In group meetings, some of your colleagues have a habit of interrupting and arguing with the speaker, taking credit for ideas that aren’t theirs, and shooting down ideas they don’t agree with. You’re the newest person in the group and not sure if this is accepted behavior in this company, but it concerns you both personally and professionally. Should you go with the flow and adopt their behavior, or stick with your own communication style, even though you might get lost in the noise?
In one paragraph, explain the benefits for you of using your colleagues’ approach.
In a second paragraph, explain the problems for you with using your colleagues’ approach.
Step 4 Save and submit your assignment documents. Document total – 2: One essay, one numbered answer sheet

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