Discuss the accuracy, significance and generalizability of the disease-nutrient link

The work should not exceed six pages. When writing the assignment, use Times New Roman font, 12 pt, double spaced. Don’t forget to include a title page and a bibliography. A table of contents is not required. The bibliography must contain at least five different resources: three specialized articles or books; the other two can be websites, or books and articles. No more than two internet resources.
The work must focus on the link between a disease (cause, development, prevention or cure) and a nutrient (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants). The work must include a review of the literature on the disease and the nutrient.
In the introduction, you should introduce your subject by describing the disease and the nutrient in question and explaining how this nutrient promotes or combats the development of the disease. The introduction makes it possible to delimit the problem and specifies how it fits into the field of knowledge.
In the discussion, you must review the scientific literature that relates to the link between the disease and the nutrient. Consider all aspects of the research, making comparisons with other research already published. The discussion consists of integrating the information retained, explaining it and comparing it with the data presented in other works (literature review). Discuss the accuracy, significance and generalizability of the disease-nutrient link and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the link.
The conclusion includes a summary of the whole and formulates recommendations as well as the main implications of the research.
here are some exemples that can be helpful and you can use for this project:
Calcium and prostate cancer
Vitamin K and Alzheimer’s disease
Trans fats and CVD
Soy and hypothyroidism
Acrylamide and cancers
Vitamin E (evening primrose oil) and premenstrual syndrome
tea and cancer
Fats and the development of atherosclerosis
Polyphenols and the prevention of atherosclerosis
Coenzyme Q10 and heart failure
Calcium and Osteoporosis
Dairy products and lactose intolerance
Sodium and blood pressure

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