Did you find yourself subject to any of the biases discussed in the module?

(individually) Decide which side of the debate you’re on. Write it down so you can’t change your mind later on.
(individually) Make two lists. One list should be arguments in favor of the issue, and the other should be arguments against the issue. It’s up to you which list you make first. You do not have to personally agree with any of the arguments–the important part is thinking about the different arguments and writing them down.
(individually) Take as much or as little time as you need. This doesn’t require you to do any research, simply draw from your existing knowledge.
Generate more arguments for the other side. Take some additional time to add more arguments to the side you don’t personally agree with.
Analyze your thoughts and feelings while watching Cassie Jaye’s Ted Talk and reading the rejoinder article by Katherine Gillespie (Why Australian…). Did you find one side more or less believable? Did you find yourself subject to any of the biases discussed in the module? Did you change your mind about the topic at hand after reading this – why or why not?
Why is it important to understand cognition, cognitive bias, and open-mindedness when discussing potentially contentious topics in this course? Has this module affected how you approach these topics at all? Where else can you apply your understanding of cognition, etc when designing your career?

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