Develop an ethnographic interview

4.    Develop an ethnographic interview for the child’s family on whom you completed your last assignment, either Natia or Fatimatou. This ethnographic interview must include
a.    How you would introduce the interview (purpose)
b.    Your first question
c.    A rational for asking that question
d.    Identify the type of question you are asking, e.g., grand tour, native language, etc.
e.    Construct a possible response to that question and then
f.    Ask a subsequent question
i.    Provide a rationale for asking the subsequent question
ii.    Identify the type of question you are asking and justify why you asked that type of question as opposed to another type of ethnographic question. This second question must be a different type of question than your opening question.
g.    Use the following chart for your ethnographic interview. There is no need to provide more than 3 questions.
Transcript    Question Type & Rationale
Interview introduction:
Interviewer: (Question 1)
Interviewee Response to Question 1:
Interviewer: (Question 2)
Interviewee Response to Question 2:
In addition to ethnographic interviewing other ethnographic skills include artifact analysis and ethnographic observations.
5.    Emic vs. Etic Methods
a.    Identify the difference between emic vs. etic methods
b.    Provide an example of how emic vs. etic methods might be used

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