describe which of the styles should be used in the following cases:

When discussing the management of criminal justice agencies, you must also consider leadership. Management and leadership are sometimes synonymous in normal conversation. Even Allen and Sawhney use the word “leadership” to explain management and leadership functions. However, as you all know, in this degree field, managers and leaders are not the same. Leaders can be managers, but not all managers can be leaders. Therefore, you must understand what a leader is and how someone can become a leader. The first question that you must ponder is how leadership differs from management. A manager normally has a formal leadership role, such as a supervisor’s role over a group of employees. However, leaders can have informal roles. Informal leaders use only personality and charisma to hold influence over those who follow. These people do not have formal leadership roles, such as a manager or supervisor. Formal and informal leaders have different loyalties. Formal leaders are usually loyal to an organization, while informal leaders are usually loyal to the groups that follow them. The idea of how one becomes a leader or how one gets others to follow has led to many leadership theories. Leadership has been categorized by a person’s personality or the art of influencing. However, there are several theories of approaches and leadership styles. Explore some of the more popular ones: Traits approach, behavioral approach, situational approach, transactional approach, charismatic leaders, transformational leaders, authoritarian leaders.
Other leadership styles include:
Ethical leadership
Autocratic leadership
Authentic leadership
Servant leadership
As the working generation shifts to include more Generation Y employees, it is important for changes to occur within the leadership of agencies. Agencies that use a transactional approach to leadership may start experiencing low motivation from this generation which may prefer more participatory leadership qualities. New studies are finding that criminal justice employees are more motivated, satisfied, and committed when working under transformational leaders.
For this week’s assignment, you will determine the type of leadership style that should exist to motivate certain types of criminal justice agencies. Be sure that you conduct your required reading to understand what motivates the people in the agencies so that you can discuss why you believe your choice is the perfect leadership style for these groups.
For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation explaining the different types of leadership styles that are used in CJ (at least 4 styles for this assignment). Then, describe which of the styles should be used in the following cases:
A brand new private correctional facility full of new hires
A police department that is manned by officers ranging in time at the agency from 25 years to new recruits.
A new mental health court that has staffed with a group of tenured stakeholders and court officials from 2-3 different courthouses
A group of tenured probation officers
Length: 8-12 slides, including 150-200 words in notes per slide for transcriipt
References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.
The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards

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