describe the behavior/ ecology / scientific relevance or problem that you are focusing on.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Steps in the Preparation of an Annotated BibliographyThis outline is an overview of the paper that outlines the scope of the paper, describing the topics to be covered and the order. This outline will contain all the detail you need to write a complete paper. If you prepare your outline correctly, it should be almost as long as the actual paper (don’t freak out, that’s a good thing). Below is a general example of what your outline should look like, except that yours will be much longer.Make sure that your outline includes the following:Topic sentences for each section (marked by Roman numerals)
Major key points3. References for each point that you intend to cover.
ExampleTitleShould inform the reader of what the paper is about.
When constructing a title, choose informative over cute.
I. Introduction: Topic sentence that states the basic idea/premise of your paper. For example, if you are examining the role of neuropeptides in parental behavior, your first sentence might introduce parental behavior and it’s significance in species survival (Reference- see format for in-text citations).Introduce your systemDefine the system, its function, types present, etc. (Reference- see formatfor in-text citations)
If you are comparing organisms, briefly introduce the organisms(Reference- see format for in-text citations)
The main focus of the paper
c. Provide the scientific reasoning as to why part b is interesting d. Be brief and conciseII. Main Body. Topic sentence focusing on your major points (Reference- see format for in- text citations).a. You may choose to devote one section to describe the behavior/ ecology / scientific relevance or problem that you are focusing on.i. Background informationGeneralities of the taxon the species belongs to
Behavior and ecology of the species
Scientific relevance of the species (e.g. research breakthroughs thathave been possible thanks to this species)
Etc. (Reference- see format for in-text citations)
Include as many sections as you deem necessary to cover yourmain ideas.
IV.References (see reference instructions)III. Conclusiona. Summaryb. Significance*Each statement needs to have a citation. You must include and cite at least 10 peer-reviewed articles, 7 of which must be primary literature.*The 5 articles provided were primary articles
Requirements: 2 pages

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