Describe how machine learning and data analytics could have detected

-4 pages, Arial font, font size 11, APA 7, double spacing.
-Parts 5 and 6
Part 5: Using Machine Learning and Data Analytics to Prevent APT
o    Describe how machine learning and data analytics could have detected and/or prevented the APT you analyzed had the victim organization deployed these technologies at the time of the event. Be specific.
Part 6: Ethics in Cybersecurity
o    Do you think the vulnerability(ies) exploited by the APT constitute an ethical failure by the defender? Why or why not?
o    For the APT your group studied, were there identifiable harms to privacy or property? How are these harms linked to C-I-A? If not, what ethically significant harms could result from the scenario your group researched?
o    For the APT your group studied, when the targeted organization identified the breach, was the disclosure made with transparency? Do you feel the organization acted ethically? Why or why not?
Advanced persistent threats (APTs) have been thrust into the spotlight due to their advanced tactics, techniques, procedures, and tools. These APTs are resourced unlike other types of cyber threat actors.
Your chief technology officer (CTO) has formed teams to each develop a detailed analysis and presentation of a specific APT (APT 28 – Attached)

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