Describe how children’s vocabulary skills influenc reading,

Use the attached materials to answer ALL parts of each question! Be sure to cite studies in support of your points (e.g., Ehri, 2005). There is no need to include a References section. Each question should be about 1/2 to 3/4 of a page double spaced.
Question 1: What recommendations for phonics programs and what limitations on their use are supported by research, such as the National Reading Panel’s meta-analysis of experimental and quasi-experimental studies and the review of phonics programs by McArthur et al. (2015) (Cochrane Review article).
Question 2: Chapter 5 – Describe how fluency is measured in terms of words correct per minute, and what impact children reading aloud with an adult had on fluency and comprehension in the study by O’Connor et al. (2013) article
Question3: 8. Chapter 6 – e theirDescribe how children’s vocabulary skills influenc reading, and instructional techniques for boosting vocabulary that we discussed in class (also found in the reading by Klinger on “Vocabulary”).

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