Describe an example of an intervention in a system when an unintended consequence occurred.

There are times when interventions are made in a system and the intention is that it will correct an aspect that is not working well. However, something else happens that is not anticipated, and this can cause negative effects that create new problems or worsen other parts of the system. Conversely, there can be an intervention that has unanticipated ripple effects that better other parts of the system. These unanticipated effects are called unintended consequences. They are not part of the original planning, they are not the intended effects, yet they happen.
In this assignment, you will prepare and submit an individual paper on the concept of unintended consequences, using an example to illustrate it.
Reflection Prompt
•    Describe an example of an intervention in a system when an unintended consequence occurred.
•    What effect did this have on the system?
•    What made you decide that this was an unintended consequence?
•    Where in your readings was the topic explored?
•    Give some examples of why this is critical to anticipate for DST analysis.
•    Are there other examples in your own life you can reference in which you or someone else made an intervention and there were unintended consequences?
***All the needed resources are attached,especially look at the reading“Rethinking Intractable Conflict
The Perspective of Dynamical Systems”

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