Assess the view that heterosexuality is no longer compulsory and institutionalised in today’s society.

Please answer the essay question; Assess the view that heterosexuality is no longer compulsory and institutionalised in today’s society. Compare the situation in two countries and use one or two theoretical perspectives introduced in this module to support your argument.
Please add an introduction with a thesis statement. In the introduction add context and background information on heterosexuality in society. If possible please choose the UK and China as the two countries to compare situations.
I’d like four body paragraphs, please add counter arguments to every argument made as well as critical analysis on sources used. For the structure of the paragraphs please focus on a theme, like media representation, discrimination against sexuality (homophobia), biological (nature).
And also please include different theories of gender identities, For example, the functionalists perspective or the feminist perspective.
For the conclusion could you restate the thesis statement and add limitations to the content and sources used. Also include suggestions for further research, a summary of the main arguments made, and draw any practical implications on the arguments.
Also please mainly use the sources I’ve listed here, as it is required.
-Sociology: OCR A level Book 1 by Katherine Roberts 2015 (page 22-30)
-Sociology By Anthony Giddens 2017 (page 615-650)
-Understanding inequalities: stratification and difference By Lucinda Platt 2019 (Chapter 3 on Gender)
-Gender: in world perspective By Raewyn Connell 2015 (page 12-17)
-Pursuing the pink pound: How big is the UK’s LGBT market? | Crunch By Claire Beveridge 2018 (Article)
Thank you.

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