an opportunity to plan your future development beyond the limits of this class.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.This course covers a number of topics (e.g.,
personality, perception, job attitudes/motivation, group processes, managing
conflict, leadership, etc.) that are essential for organizational success and
individual fulfillment. For this individual assignment, you should cite specific course material (theories, concepts, cases, etc.) to describe what you have
learned about yourself, particularly your strengths and those areas you hope to
improve over the next few years. The project is due at the start of our last class
meeting (March 3) and should follow the Group Case Analysis specifications
given above. In completing this assignment, examples of potential issues to
consider are: 1) Based on your assessment, what organizational sector/job positions best
match your strengths/weaknesses? Explain… 2) In view of the personal attributes you feel need to be developed over the
next few years, what action steps will you consider taking? (think out of
the box here, and don’t just say “complete the MBA!”) 3) If you were to start your own organization (or were brought in to lead
one), what core values would you promote? How would you engage
your constituents to embrace these values? Why do you feel such values
are important?
4) Given what you have observed and learned about leadership, describe
your own style using specific examples. Note that research on leadership
asserts that life experiences help to create each individual’s unique styles.
What events/experiences in your own life have helped create who you
are as a leader?
Note that your paper must be clearly linked to course materials – vague and
general discussions will not receive the same credit as will more detailed and
comprehensive ones using specific examples. The primary purpose of this
exercise is to provide you with an opportunity to plan your future development
beyond the limits of this class. Please do not use or cite books or articles from
non-course sources.**I have all the slides of lectures and the syllabus. Tell me if you need them.
Requirements: at least 5 pages

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