Write an essay that discusses an aspect of “post-truth,” “fake news,” and/or social media literacy/responsibility.

In this unit we will discuss critical thinking and how it applies to media literacy. We will read multiple texts that talk about the need to observe and thinking critically about the information we view. We will read about “post-truth,” “fake news,” and the dilemma found in social media.
The purpose of this assignment is to enter into a conversation with the sources we have discussed in class. You will use critical thinking skills as you engage with and respond to The Social Dilemma, McIntyre, Levitin, Amanpour, and/or Konnikova. This project will allow you to create an argument that is supported by critical thinking/reasoning as you engage with other texts, an important aspect of academic writing.
Write an essay that discusses an aspect of “post-truth,” “fake news,” and/or social media literacy/responsibility. You will need to use at least two of the sources we discussed in class as a way to introduce the conversation, support your claims, and/or present a counterargument. This is a very broad topic that allows for many different approaches. Part of this assignment is to compose the focused question that your essay will answer/address. Your thesis and essay must reflect the scope of the assignment, meaning you will need a thesis that you can adequately and fully develop through solid argumentation in 4-5 pages. Your claims and argument will need to be based in critical thinking strategies, and your readers should be able to easily follow your train of thought.
Suggested Tasks
The first thing you will need to do is develop your question. What question will your thesis/essay answer? What will be your focus? You will want to make sure that you are able to bring in at least two different sources we’ve discussed in class as you present the issue and answer your question.
Once you write your question and decide on the answer to that question (the focus of the essay), choose at least two texts that address or comment on that focus and find specific passages, quotes, or sections that are specifically relevant to your argument. Consider how you will use those texts. Will they primarily be a way to introduce the conversation? Will they be a main focal point of your argument? Will they be used as counterarguments or support for your own argument?
Some angles you might consider:
Analyze the difference in the platforms mentioned in the articles and film.
Examine how the difference in media formats affects the ways that the news is presented. Is some of the news intended to be more entertaining than informative?
What are some pros/cons of traditional media versus the type of news media we consume today?
Essay Requirements
1200-1500 words in length; one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font. This does not include the Author’s Note or Works Cited page. Format your essay according to MLA Style (Links to an external site.), including header and page numbers.
Parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page correctly formatted in MLA Style.
Must use at least two of the texts we have worked with so far this semester.
Organization: an assertive thesis, focused topic sentences, cohesive paragraphs, and a balance of evidence and commentary.
Old/new transitions and correct grammar/punctuation.


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