working on a english test

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english test / quiz prep and need support to help me learn.BEFORE YOU START THE ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE, DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE! Yesterday, a tutor refreshed a page and it locked the whole thing out! PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT refresh the page! I had to email the supervisor to open the online questions again one last time! BUT he said this is the LAST CHANCE! If you refresh and it locks you out, we have no other chances!! This is a very very important questionnaire! ONLY smart and SERIOUS tutors PLEASE! CLEAR all of your tabs, history and cache prior to starting the exam just so it doesn’t give you any problems during the Questionnaire process! Again, PLEASE DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE!!!! Once it’s refreshed, the entire questionnaire will be locked out and no re-dos. This is very serious! I have online questions that needs to be completed. It takes about 120 minutes to complete the entire test! Once you complete the questions, please don’t forget to submit it! The questions are very hard, consists of Math and English questions. DO NOT guess on ANY of these questions. It is VERY important for me to score top 5 on these questions. Please take your time and complete everything. This is one of the most important tests ever. Please let me know if you have any questions during it, thank you!I will provide you with the link to the questions and the username and pass word to login into it. PLEASE let me know if you are having any difficulty entering the link. Be aware, you are going to be timed on EACH question. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass these questions as it is super important. Thank you!THE FIRST HURDLE IN THE ONLINE ASSESSMENT PROCESS CONSISTS OF A TYPING Part. TO PASS THIS HURDLE YOU MUST ACHIEVE 30 NET WORDS PER MINUTE, OR HIGHER, IN ORDER TO PROCEED IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE PROCESS.Link: dianna.chakhmakhchyan.478 @my.csun.edupass word: Tina!12345678Please let me know if it asks you any questions about me, I will let you know what to fill in. Thank you and good luck!
Requirements: Finish all the assessments!

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