Which of the following is not one of them?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics question and need guidance to help me learn.Question 11 ptsIn the article, Keynesian Economics, Alan Blinder gives 6 tenets of Keynesian thought. Which of the following is not one of them?Group of answer choicesPrices and wages are stickyMonetary policy is more effective than fiscal policyKeynesians are more concerned about unemployment than inflationChanges in aggregate demand mostly effect output and employment in the short run, not pricesFlag question: Question 2Question 21 ptsRobert Barro argued thatGroup of answer choicesGovernment spending is more effective than tax cutsIf the government cuts taxes and runs a deficit, individuals will increase their savings and there won’t be much change in overall demandReal interest rates will rise sharply when the government cuts taxesAll of the aboveFlag question: Question 3Question 31 ptsIn “The Pretence of Knowledge,” Hayek claims recessions are caused byGroup of answer choicesSpeculative bubblesGovernment regulationInsufficient aggregate demandA mismatch between demand for certain goods and services and the allocation of resources in the production of those goods and servicesFlag question: Question 4Question 41 ptsTrue or False: Hayek believed that any good economic theory needed to make quantitative, testable predictions about the futureGroup of answer choicesFalseTrueFlag question: Question 5Question 51 ptsTowards the end of the speech, Hayek gives a simple example to illustrate his point. His example isGroup of answer choicesPredicting the next president of the United StatesPredicting the winner of a ball gamePredicting movements in the stock marketPredicting the next great inventionjessie
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