What techniques do you plan to avoid in your own draft? What have you learned from these sample profiles that will help you draft your own profile?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.STEP 1: READ CRITICALLYFirst, review the following sample profiles:“How El Anatsui Broke the Seal on Contemporary Art (Links to an external site.)” by Julian Lucas
“The Makeup Artist at Ground Zero of Internet Beauty Culture (Links to an external site.)” by Rachel Syme
“The Amazing Ascent of Priscilla Chan (Links to an external site.)” by Robert Safian
“Rug Hooker Shares Craft (Links to an external site.)” by Caitlin Scena
“Local Personality Profile: Johnny Ashmore (Links to an external site.)” by Neil Shurley
“Amanda Knox Was Exonerated. That Doesn’t Mean She’s Free (Links to an external site.)” by Jessica Bennett
As you read, identify specific elements and features in each sample that you think are effective and consider why they are effective. Also identify elements of each sample that you don’t think work well, and why they don’t.Remember, *none* of these sample analyses was written specifically for our Project 2 assignment and are not exact models for you to follow. All authors had different agendas than you do for Project 2.STEP 2: COMPOSEFirst, select one of the samples you read to write about.Next, compose a 3-4-paragraph discussion post in which you do the following:Identify at least one example from the sample profile where effective specific details are incorporated. Explain why you find the examples you have chosen to be effective. Please use quotation marks to signal the specific words/sentences from the sample profile.
Identify one example where primary source information (such as interview excerpts) is used to enhance the profile for readers. Again, use quotation marks to signal the words/sentences you have used for this example. Make sure to explain how this example is effective for readers.
Discuss the key takeaways from these sample profiles for you. What techniques do you hope to employ in your own profile draft? What techniques do you plan to avoid in your own draft? What have you learned from these sample profiles that will help you draft your own profile?
STEP 3: PEER RESPONSESInstructionsTo complete the discussion assignment, you will need to give feedback on at least two of your peers’ posts .In your responses, please follow the 3CQ approach:give a compliment
make a connection
include a comment
ask a question
For instance, you might reply by discussing some of the following:What aspect of your peer’s discussion of the sample articles did you find effective and/or interesting (Compliment and/or Connection)?
Which of your peer’s ideas about what techniques to use or avoid in their own drafts seem most effective or interesting and why? What ideas or resources should they consider to succeed with the project (Comment)?
Are there aspects that are unclear to you (Question)?
Ex.1“You’d never want a better friend than Johnny Ashmore”. What a fantastic way to summarize Neil Shurley’s profile on a man named Johnny Ashmore. A well-written profile shows the reader a great example of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Neil gave great examples from his interview with Johnny that shows the reader how different Johnny’s life can be because of his blindness. “I actually got hit by a car one morning” or “friends telling him when to swing” when he was selected to be on the church softball team. Sharing the difficulties Johnny faces to live as much of an everyday life as possible draws you in as a reader, really making you sympathize with him.Day-to-day activities for an average person include things like walking across a busy street or driving a car. But what about someone who is blind? “He worked the accelerator, and I steered”, “He would say, “Turn to the left, turn to the right””. When you have been blind since practically birth, you miss out on many activities ordinary people do to navigate through life, such as driving. Incorporating the details of how Johnny drove his college roommate’s car for the first time makes you wonder how terrified the roommate was during the whole experience but how rewarding it would have been at the same time. The author captures Johnny’s personality with these details, showing us that even with his disability, he doesn’t let it slow him down from enjoying life.Project 2 has been on my mind since the start of the class, and as the deadline fast approaches so does the stress of completing this project effectively and on time. Reading these sample profiles has helped me develop some structure and ideas for my project. You can tell the same story about someone in so many different ways. You can buildup a backstory and be extremely detail-oriented like you see in the profile from Jessica Bennett, or develop the person’s profile with few details and more insight from the subject’s peers like you see in the profile about Johnny. I want to do a mix; I want solid details but not overwhelming that you lose the reader and insight from my subjects peers. I believe this will help develop my subject’s story and give more perspective on who they’re today.Ex.2In the article, “Amanda Knox Was Exonerated. That Doesn’t Mean She’s Free.” by Jessica Bennett, I was instantly captivated by this heartbreaking story of a woman wrongly convicted of a crime. As someone very enthralled by true crime, I am surprised that such a famous case is news to me. This unfortunately is Amanda’s entire focus on life currently. After being convicted, acquitted, retried, convicted again, and finally exonerated, Amanda has been through hell with the media. The article by Bennett brings to light the mass impact media can have on one’s life. Bennett asks Knox specifically about the media in her interview. Knox tells us, “There were huge discrepancies between what was being reported in the media and what was in the actual police report.” Bennett then also gives us the tidbit of information that in Italy, “it was a case that could be reported on without limits.” Meaning that there were no laws against media outlets speculating on the guilt or innocence of Knox. By researching the government laws of Italy and incorporating it into her article, Bennett is really able to portray how terrible the media was to Knox during this trial.”That’s the sort of trap I’m in, where I’m constantly having to be in conversation with something that I would rather not. I’m constantly told that I should just disappear.” Knox says this to Bennett during her interview, and this alone is so powerful in showing just how much of her life has been taken over by being drug through the media. She goes on to say, “I felt like I couldn’t even try to have a normal life because I was carrying this shroud over me. In part I was defiant. I felt like there was a deep injustice, so I didn’t change my name, I didn’t change my appearance. But I also felt defeated, like there was nothing I could do about it.” With dialogue as powerful as that, not much more is left to explain about the difficulties this woman faces every day of her life.Reading this article was both heartbreaking and infuriating. The media is uncontrollably powerful in influencing the way we think and form opinions. I mean we all do it. We hear about a crime and a suspect who is slandered all over the internet, and we immediately think “well of course they’re guilty”. What we don’t think about is the aftermath of such degradation on someone proven innocent. This article elicited such a strong emotional response from me. The evidence given and retold by Bennett supports such a strong case for Amanda Knox. It really makes you feel for her, see her as a human being. The article gives such an insight into what lies underneath a famous trial. The only issue with the article that I have is it seems to jump around quite a bit in it’s timeline and includes many quotes from people other than Knox. This can be a little confusing at first. Other than that, I hope my profile will be as strongly composed as this article, and accomplish the goal that I will have for it.
Requirements: 3-5 paragraphs   |   .doc file

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