What potential failure points do you need to anticipate?

Using the ideas found in the required readings to drive your analysis, approach the case analysis paper as if you’re a decision maker or an analyst briefing a superior.
The paper should answer the following:
What are the essential course issues described in the case? Issues represent current or emerging problems faced by individuals and groups in the organization and can be found in the course lessons (e.g., federalism, bureaucracy). Keep in mind that there are many issues in any given case, but not all of them are equally important. Focusing on urgent and important issues will probably serve you well.
What are the causes/factors producing the situation described in the case? What seems to be causing the key problems? Do the problems share a cause, or are they related in some other way? The linkages you make among causes/factors in the case are important. You may want to list, draw, or somehow represent the factors you see as important. You might find a visual representation helpful in capturing the core dynamics. The goal is to discern how and why the situation arose in the first place.
Make sure that you provide citations to the texts and the readings.
Provide recommendations, evaluation, or solutions. Be concrete and realistic, and support your observations with concepts and theories from your reading. Use the following questions to help you form your response. Don’t write your analysis in Q&A format, and keep in mind that not every question will be applied to each case:
What course of action would you adopt if you were involved in this situation? Why?
How does your solution address the underlying causes of the issues?
How would you implement your suggested actions?
What potential failure points do you need to anticipate?
What is the downside of your solution?
How would you monitor progress toward full implementation?
Again, support your observations with textual/concepts/theories support.

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