what do the metaphors and similes literally mean?

Read the following four poems. You will be asked to translate the poetic syntax and diction into regular prose sentences:
The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens (Links to an external site.)
Abominable Snowman by Jay MacPherson
Lines for Winter by Mark Strand
“Fall, leaves, fall” by Emily Brontë
Translate and Interpret
Always Double Space your submissions, please.
In a Word or google doc, provide a translation for EACH poem. (3 pts each)
After each translation, provide an interpretation. What do you think the point of each poem is? What is the overarching message? (2 pts each)
You have much freedom in how you choose to translate these poems. There is no right or wrong answer, just more accurate or less accurate. Do your best to keep the original meaning of poem but re-write them using common prose.
Translate sentence by sentence instead of line by line
Identify the subjects of the sentences and connect them to the appropriate verbs.
Turn figurative language into literal language: what do the metaphors and similes literally mean?
Find common words to replace fancy words.
Look up words you don’t know.
**** You will be given full points for writing your translation in proper grammar, carefully choosing precise word replacements, accurately transforming figurative language into literal language, and preserving the meaning and intention of the original.
check out the Rubric to see how I will evaluate your translations.

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