What could have been done to prevent Ben from quitting?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.i want to solve this SCENARIOS its contains about 4 Questions and their is a document telling you how to solve the SCENARIOS please follow it for the solution i will post the SCENARIOS and the guides to solve it.Legal and Ethical Issues in HR Environment Organizational Culture Scenarios Scenario 1: Culture of DisbeliefBen arrives at least 20 minutes before his work shift. In his 15 years working for the company, he has never been late. He also has a spotless disciplinary record. Ben is the only Black male working in a lab full of women. There are only two Black women working in the lab, the remaining 10 women are white. Ben tries his best to keep a low profile because he understands the southern culture in the community where he works and does not want to be perceived as offending the white women with whom he works. He knows, from witnessing the experiences of other Black males, that the company where he works has a culture of disbelief when it comes to accepting the word of a Black male when he has to defend himself against the word of a white woman.Ben would do anything requested of him, on the job, by his peers and supervisors. One day one of the white women told one of the Black women that she had observed Ben staring at the Black woman a little too long, and she thinks that he had bad intentions. Therefore, she decided to turn Ben into HR and accuse him of harassment. The Black woman never saw Ben looking at her inappropriately neither did the supervisor. HR representatives spoke with Ben about the report and Ben quit his job without saying anything to anyone. Upon hearing that Ben had quit, many of the employees were upset and angry at the woman that reported Ben to HR. The supervisor learned, from HR, that no negative action was taken against Ben and no one knows why did he quit.Discussion Questions:Revise the managerial implications given in presentation 1 and answer the following questions:1.According to each of the five ethical perspectives;Why do you believe Ben quit?
What could have been done to prevent Ben from quitting?
What can the supervisor do to improve the work environment?•How can a company get eliminate a culture of disbelief?
Supplement ReadingBowe, F. G., McMahon, B. T., Chang, T., & Louvi, I. (2005). Workplace discrimination, deafness and hearing impairment: The national EEOC ADA research project. Work, 25(1), 19-25.Brandt, A. M. (1978). Racism and research: The case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Hastings Center Report, 8(6), 21-29.Knapp, D.E., Faley, R.H., Ekeberg, S.E., & Dubois, C.L.Z. (1997). Determinants of target responses to sexual harassment: A conceptual framework. Academy of Management Review, 22, 687 -729.
Requirements: 2 lines for each

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