talk is Autonomous vehicles.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a powerpoint question and need support to help me learn.The topic of the talk is Autonomous vehicles.I need 12 PowerPoint slides, and a presentation about 1 minute per slide. The specific requirements are in the attachmentEach team will research their topic using the popular press (including YouTube, current periodicals and newspapers, recent books, etc.). It’s required that 1-3 video clips (not to exceed 5 total minutes) showcasing very recent examples of your topic be embedded in the PowerPoints. The presentation should be 20-minutes or less and include a two-page handout using no more than 12 PowerPoint slides (at least 28 point font). Your team is presenting as if you’re executives in a company attempting to raise funds from venture capitalists. Presentations will be evaluated on the basis of the thoroughness, creativity, analytical rigor of your research, as well as your ability to clearly communicate. Please utilize the team’s collective imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness to construct an original, fun, and unique presentation. Constructing a videotape is strongly encouraged. A significant component of the evaluation is how well you creatively pull together an insightful, coherent, and well-justified presentation.
Requirements: 12 slides and presentation paper

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