How old does a person have to be in order to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities multi-part question and need guidance to help me learn.CONSTITUTION TAKE-HOME ASSIGNMENTName _____________________________1. Which of the following powers is not explicitly granted to Congress by the Constitution: the power to regulate the value of money; the power to establish naturalization laws; the power to establish an institution for the progress of science.2. How old does a person have to be in order to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives?3. A proposal has recently been made to admit the District of Columbia as a state via ordinary legislation rather than by constitutional amendment. Name one of the two provisions that bears on the question of whether such a law would be constitutional or not.4. Could the Senate decide to give the vice president a vote on every roll call? Why or why not?5. What does the original Constitution (i.e., the Constitution before it was amended) say about political parties?6. What is the only provision in the original Constitution that explicitly mentions religion?7. True or false: Any member of the House of Representatives must live in the congressional district that elects him or her.8. Suppose a House member does something that is highly embarrassing or illegal. Who has the power to remove him from the House and by what kind of vote?9. Which of the following powers is not explicitly granted to the President in the Constitution: the power to grant pardons; the power to call for a special election if a member of the House or Senate dies or resigns; the power to recommend legislation to Congress.10. In the years immediately before the American Revolution, British treasury officials were sometimes granted “general writs” that allowed them to search pretty much anywhere they wanted. Which amendment prohibits the U.S. government from issuing general writs?11. Who tries an impeachment and what kind of vote is required to convict someone?12. What is the term of office for judges – i.e., how long do they hold their jobs?13. Which of the following groups is not explicitly granted the right to vote by a constitutional amendment: (a) people of all races; (b) women; (c) people who don’t own property; (d) people who don’t pay a poll tax for federal elections. 14. What is the only amendment that repealed another amendment?15. What is the only office in the federal government that is constitutionally term limited?16. Which amendment to the Constitution defines who is a citizen?17. True or false: According to the Constitution, the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus may never be suspended.18. Can a person serve as both a cabinet officer and a member of Congress at the same time?19. The Senate has a rule (the filibuster rule) that says allows unlimited debate on every issue, unless 60 senators vote to shut off debate. What provision in the Constitution allows them to establish such a rule?20. Who is the commander in chief of the armed forces?
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