How many books Sony needs to sell to give us?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a article writing project and need a sample draft to help me learn.Article guidelines: 500 words, written in 3rd person, describe the even (who, what, when, where, why), describe the value that the library brings to the community, mention certificates awarded, include quotes from the interview I work with a public organization and we were invited to lunar new years event organized by local library. I want to write an article about the event i attended and how the event created a nice atmosphere to the library and the community. I presented certificate for all the employee thanking them about their hard work and inviting my office.I made an interview with the supervisor of the library Greg and recorded the interview as a references to the story.Transcript of interview:
Speaker 1: our deputy director, Rebecca Ling is my supervisor. She’s our regional supervisor principal
Speaker 2: So tell more about the lunar celebration today
Speaker 1: so the celebration at this branch we’ve done it for probably over 10 years or so in this branch
we’re focused on diversity inclusion and we try to celebrate all the ethnic festivals and holidays. On top if
the new year celebration, we also celebrate all the other festivals like Norouz and Diwali. Any holiday you
can think of before Covid we probably celebrated here, because all these events reflect the diversity of
this community based on the demographics and community needs. So that’s why we celebrate big
events every year. And last year was the only year we didn’t celebrate so we are really excited this our
first big event since covid. It is a good turnout.
Speaker 2: why you think celebrating Lunar so important to the library
Speaker 1: just super super appreciates the role accompany the role of this library. And we thank you for
presenting these certificates by the way
Because of Covid we didn’t extended library hours and services so right now we take the opportunity to
we open two extra hours and we got to work out and did a lot of publicity and so the community
appreciated those because a lot of people in this community they have to work it’s really hard for them
to come you know. Before the library’s close and for the winter and I hoping we would come back to our
regular hours. When we have a kids program we have to open all the doors even though it says 53
people maximum capacity. Yeah that’s never happened do it high we have to open the door. We have to
help them some people even go outside we have outside events so that’s why I help our community
appreciate its library not just for checking out books and all that because we provide a multiple services
including the programs and helped me out with rebel service program
we had a lot of volunteers and also to do programs Yes, you have a lot of students who would come help
the best service learner programs, I would think I’m proud to say we have the most we have student
volunteer we have an open door policy was tied local high schools nearby every kids who needs a
community service we don’t turn them away. So we always find something for them to do and then they
really a lot of kids you know, even though they’re in high school now even work they come back and say
hi to us kid kids from like 1314 years ago and they still remember because they have such good memory.
So I think that’s where the role of community library is to just make kids feel like they belong to the
like, for example on Friday afternoons, easy shooter this library would be like one you know, one little,
you know
Speaker 2: every Friday?
Speaker 1: so the most we have was have 70 high school kids from the low to high school. With 70 Little
elementary school kids and half the men would be here at the other half would be all over the place. It
was sitting on the floor in a staff room and cute to see the kids it’s really our bread and butter
know because COVID restriction, we cannot have student amount but we have adult volunteer and I
really want to say how much we appreciate it. Friends of the Library, and they are adult volunteers. Since
day one, they just the best support system, you know, I can’t say enough good things, how appreciative
we are. Because they have just like staff here, like so much. If I don’t see them out, like we’re so pretty
much I see them almost every day, because that’s how much they give it to this community. They all live
in the community, and then you don’t ask for anything back except for supporting us. So that’s why I feel
so pressured. And then we’ll become friends, you know? Yeah. And then it’s just a really good
relationship. And then on top of that, my two bosses can say enough good thing, how much support I get
from them, you know, Eric needs everything I have, they just responded backs, always, you know, really
fast, you know, yeah, I feel very supportive. That’s all I can say. And then in turn, I, we’ve, you know, pass
on that support to our community, we want to support the community, whatever needs they have. So in
the past where they want to citizenship class with citizenship, because they want to learn English, we’ll
have five different kinds of, you know, ESL classes for different levels, you know, for students, for young
adults, just emigrated here, who wanted to, you know, learn the language gets into the culture and all
that. And then you can see just from our friends of the library, from our staff, that reflects the diversity of
you know, the demographics of this community, and this array over there. I have no hurt. Since I started
working here, she was a customer, then she joined the Friends of the Library. She was on the board, all of
them. They are started as customers. Oh, okay. Yeah. Exactly.
Speaker 2: and did you get any support for other organizations to help set up this event?
Speaker 1: So we can do this without a support, you know, without the kids from a local high school
without other friends or library without a support from the higher up the headquarters, Deputy Director
and my supervisor. So it’s just support around and the community feels that because if I don’t get that
kind of support, if we don’t get that kind of support, we can do these buttons. Yes. You know, right. Yeah.
And then every year friends pay for that, you know, so this program alone costs $250. And then they give
us the budget is 350. And a we can do all the other crafts. They have to work super hard. How many
books Sony needs to sell to give us? You know what I mean? So no, right? Yeah. So it’s not like we really
careful with what we have, because we know how hard it is, you know, for the friends to bring that kind
of revenue for us. Did I just go off the track? I’m always like that.
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