how and why you prepare the teaching you gave the mom and or support person (for this term, there will be a pretend patient via zoom).

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing question and need an explanation and answer to help me 1 page brochure and one paper. Total of 2 different things, but both same topic (maternal and neonatal infection)The paper is about how and why you prepare the teaching you gave the mom and or support person (for this term, there will be a pretend patient via zoom). The “behind the scenes story”.However you are not to repeat all of your teaching in the paper, but more to talk about why and how you are doing the teaching.I will provide you with information about the patient you are going to teachThe rubric is mostly for the verbal part of this assignment.The instructions on page 1 of 3 found in Canvas is the guide for writing your paper if you use the rubric as your only guide you will be missing many parts to your paper.Please use subtitles to organize your paper (Refer to your APA manual for the proper way to use subtitles)Here is a little break down and suggestion of what your paper should look like:Title page
Introduction: summary of what the paper is about and a little about your patient and topic you taught
Nursing diagnosis NANDA (1)
Learning Objectives (2) (clearly measurable to see if met at end of teaching)
Methodology (look up/google teaching methodologies)
Patient evaluation (also mention resources used if any)
Self evaluation (strength and weakness of your own teaching)
Learning theory (which learning theory would support your teaching plan-look up learning theories)
Please follow your APA manual for writing up the reference correctly. If you are referencing a handout and it doesn’t have an author, please refer to your APA manual. If you are referencing a speaker such as the RN lecturing about a topic or a website, please follow APA manual to write up your references correctly.
Requirements: Brochure about 1 page and paper maybe 2+ depending on if the info is all there.

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