How an Effective Workflow Helps You Improve Your Business.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business discussion question and need support to help me learn.Responses to initial postings (1-3) should be specific and assess whether the original posting accurately and sufficiently addresses the questions asked in the discussion topic and should incorporate relevant research correctly. Explain your assessment as to why the information is or is not correct and/or complete, providing correct information to enhance the discussion.1) As a result of the pandemic, many businesses struggled with collaboration, especially those that relied on in-office resources. “In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers accelerated their digitalization strategies in 2020. The most successfulfirms leveraged a cloud foundation to boost productivity; enable collaboration among remote and frontline employees; andconnect people, devices, and data via intelligent platforms.” (Arkan). Utilizing the cloud enables workers to interact with the business, fellow employees, and assigned tasks from anywhere, around the clock. Microsoft in particular has led the effort with software solutions such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, and Onedrive.Collaboration software is important because it can help streamline productivity by offering structured task management. It can also offer alternatives to structured emails through the use of custom chat rooms and utilizing video conferencing. Collaboration on documents and other products is also made easier with the appropriate software because it enables everyone to view the most recent updates. It also enables multiple people to manipulate data simultaneously.References:Arkan, C. (2020). Cloud Drives Digital Transformation in Manufacturing. Frost & Sullivan., M. (Sep 2, 2020). 15 Best Collaboration Software Comparison. Communication is a pinnacle facet of everyday business processes and integral to ensuring maximum efficiency within a system. Communication in of itself is a process that requires inputs and generates outputs. According to the Harvard Business Review (1976), “[…]consistent definitions and formats are important aids to communication, especially between people in different organizational units such as divisions or departments” (Alter). Definitions and formats are the input that allows the communication process to function properly and output a cohesive team decision. Although the aforementioned information is derived from an article dated over 30 years ago, the information still holds true and further exemplifies that implemented information systems do not necessarily need to be cutting edge technology.In week 1 of this class we were presented an example of how Walmart implemented the Retail Link supply-chain management system which enabled them to drastically improve their sales model (UMGC, 2021). The Retail Link supply chain actually mitigated unnecessary communication and, “{…] allowed Walmart’s suppliers to directly access the inventory levels and sales information of their products[…]”(UMGC, 2021). Instead of relying on reports or indirect communication with Walmart’s inventory systems, vendors are able to communicate directly with the inventory system and adjust accordingly, saving time and likely increasing sales and profits.-AJSources:Alter, S. L. (1976, November 1). How effective managers use information systems. Harvard Business Review. 3.) Incorporating any of the three topics from this week’s lessons plans can actively promote production in the work place. However, when speaking about workflow using information systems we can pinpoint specific advancement that can help a company’s work space grow. Workflow allows for not only current success but future success of a company. “The efficiency of any office or production operation depends on workflow.” (Leonard 2017). One reason that information systems enhance workflow, is because it embodies a repetitive pattern. The development of the system can be manipulated to always stay current and have the company’s most updated processes. “An effective workflow helps you grow your business by providing the framework through which all tasks are done. “ (Elias 2018). With a workflow system in place you are able to optimize a company’s opportunity.The WIS, or Workflow Information System, should be used in all corporations large and small. For instance, I am a contractor for the Department of Defense in a hospital, we always have new formats for an ever changing environment. Workflow allows for us to be able to sift through researched data, lab reports, and patient information swiftly, but more so, it allows us to get it up the chain of command more efficiently. Workflow using data goes from one location to the next, delegate who gets the work, what they are to do with it, and when its due. We are able to get a 20 page report from my desk downstairs to the basement, to the attending doctor for sign and agree to the patients care plan, to the secretary of the commander for her to sign ensuring the commander will receive it, and on the commander’s desk in the matter of minutes to approve the patients care plan. This is all possible due to the process of digital signatures in a system called Smartsheet we use here to instantly alert each party up the chain.References:Elias, Romeo. (September 06, 2018). How an Effective Workflow Helps You Improve Your Business. Intellect., Kimberlee. (September 11, 2017). How to Streamline Work Process and Improve Workflow. CHRON.…
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