Has the desire for efficiency and cost reduction potentially altered the quality component of their vehicles?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities question and need guidance to help me learn.Reflection Chapters 13 and 14President Kennedy identified four basic rights that consumers should have related to products that they are potentially purchasing. The rights include (Carrol, Brown, and Buchholtz, 2016). Right to Safety – some products are dangerous, and the public should know about the potential hazards that accompany the use of them.
Right to be Informed – consumers should be educated about the products that they are potentially buying.
Right to Choose – competition should exist within the market so that consumers have a choice in the product that they purchase. Competition ensures quality products at a reasonable price.
Right to be heard – consumers can express their concerns and approvals to companies.
Companies use targeted advertising to entice consumers to purchase products. When an individual is watching it seems as there are very little limitations placed on companies as they market their products. Companies use everything from sex to scare tactics to market their products across all age ranges. Over the years the federal government and several federal agencies have increased restriction on companies and how they market to reign in the looseness that existed in the past. Toyota versus TylenolToyota is well respected in the business world from how they were able to gain process efficiencies and focus on process improvement, but between 2008 and 2010 the company became front page news for an entirely different reason. Toyota vehicles developed an issue where the vehicles would accelerate spontaneously without notice. As more and more incidents became public Toyota leadership did the one thing that they shouldn’t and blamed the vehicle operators for the errors along with also passing the blame to supply partners stating that they were supplied faulty parts. Johnson and Johnson underwent an issue during the 1980s where their Tylenol product had been laced with a chemical that resulted in several deaths before the company issues a recall. According to McDonald (2010), Tylenol is considered the “gold standard” for risk management in the face of a potential disaster (pg. 6). Johnson and Johnson executive’s issues statements and payments to the victims and recalled product even though the issues was directly related to product tampering and the company itself had no responsibility in what had happened. McDonald (2010) argues that if the Tylenol incident had happened at the time of the Toyota incident perhaps things might have been different (pg. 6). She argues that the digital age of information means that news stories grow at a different rate now than in the 1980s and that the lack of information that was available at the time leaves unknown clues about what conversations could potentially have been had behind closed doors before a decision was made by Johnson and Johnson (McDonald, 2010). The issues with Toyota do bring into question its quality department and makes me a bit more curious about the process improvements that have been done over time. Has the desire for efficiency and cost reduction potentially altered the quality component of their vehicles? ReferencesCarroll, A. B., Brown, J. A., & Buchholtz, A. K. (2016). Business & Society Ethics, Sustainability, and stakeholder management (10th ed.). Cengage Learning. McDonald, Caroline. (2010). Digital age distances Toyota, Tylenol recalls, expert says. National Underwriter. P & C, 114(5), 6–.
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