focus on organizational behavior & leadership in sport

Research Paper (30%) – Students will prepare a research paper with a minimum word count of 2,500 and a maximum word count of 3,000. The topic must focus on organizational behavior & leadership in sport
issues. The paper must demonstrate graduate level work, including writing ability and applying theories and concepts of the course. In addition, please note that this paper needs to be written with the idea that you are solving a sport related issue or problem. As such, an extensive literature review must be undertaken so you can apply a scholarly perspective to the potential solutions that you will present. Papers that do not contain any applicable named theories will result in an “F” being assigned. The research paper is due on Feb. 27 (via e-mail attachment only). Note: Students who have not had a Research Topic approved by Jan. 30 should drop the class as it will not be possible for you to earn a “C” in the course.
This assignment must be thoroughly researched using appropriate outside literature resources. Please make sure that the paper is written using APA style (7th edition). It is critical the paper has a well-constructed introduction that contains a clear statement of purpose and a discussion of the background of the topic. Ensure that the body of the paper accomplishes the stated purpose and approach, and that the summary analysis, conclusions, and recommendations are based on a clear logic. The criteria for the research paper will be as follows:
• _____ (40 points) Correct sentence structure, grammar, subheadings, etc. Deductions from 1-40 points.
• _____ (40 points) Introduction, identification, and thorough discussion of theories (including exact names of theories) relating to your topic.
• _____ (20 points) Typed, 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced throughout. (A/N) • _____ (30 points) Use of APA style for citations, running headers, subtitles, page margins, page numbers, and references. (A/N)
• _____ (10 points) Length requirement (2500-3000 words). (A/N)
• _____ (10 points) 5 peer reviewed/Nationally-published references/5 other articles.
• _____ (10 points) Rationale on why this topic is an issue in the sport industry.
• _____ (10 points) Clear purpose statement, topic clearly defined and supported.
• _____ (50 points) Identification of critical issues and potential answers to solve the issue based on approved SMP scenario. • _____ (80 points) Content
_____ (300 points) TOTAL
Your main task in these papers (and other papers in your SM courses) is to apply researched articles and incorporate them into your paper, while discussing the topic you have chosen. This means that the vast majority of what you are writing is coming from somewhere else and not your own ideas and thoughts. As such, it must be cited. Any sentence you write in your paper that contains information from a source needs to be cited as such. You need to paraphrase content (not copy) and cite to it with an appropriate internal citation, such as (Mathner, 2021).
• Do not excessively quote in your papers, even if you cite to the material. ONLY quote when there is a reason to do so. YOUR PAPERS ARE LIMITED TO A MAXIMUM OF 5 QUOTATIONS! Do not exceed this limit.
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