Explain why the article is important – why is this newsworthy?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a astrobiology multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Upload your homework to Canvas in one document file in .pdf format.Part I: Astrobiology DiscoveriesDiscoveries are being made every week in astrobiology, and for this assignment I want you to read about several of them and report on what you think is the most interesting/exciting. Use these sources to find the most important recent discoveries:NASA Exoplanet Exploration News & Features (Links to an external site.)
Astrobiology at NASA News & Discoveries (Links to an external site.)
NASA Mars Perseverance Rover (NASA) (Links to an external site.)
SpaceRef Astrobiology Web
Phys.org Astrobiology News
Bad Astronomy (Phil Plait’s blog) (Links to an external site.) (be sure to pick an article that includes some astrobiology, not just an astronomy topic)
Read several recent articles (must be published after 2021 Nov 1). Then choose your favorite, and in one paragraph summarize the article and state the key results. Explain why the article is important – why is this newsworthy? Try to answer the usual “Who, What, When, Where, Why?” set of questions. Then in a second paragraph, state what made the article interesting to you. Reserve your own thoughts/opinions for the second paragraph. Be sure to give the title and date of the article at the start of your answer. As usual, proper college-level English is required. The assignment length should be one page. (I don’t care about font size, spacing, etc – you know what looks good and what does not. Please try to keep this to 1 side of a piece of paper.) Be sure to keep the summary of what the author wrote (first paragraph) separate from your opinions & thoughts (second paragraph). Since you are listing the title and date at the top of your homework, there is no need to have a separate reference or citations section. However, please also include the URL (web address), and the author of the article (if given). Part II: Textbook Questions”Test Your Understanding: Quick Quiz” questions from the textbook. These multiple choice questions (worth 4 points total):Ch1 #17 ; Ch2 #36,38 ; Ch3 #31,35,39,40 ; Ch11 #31Just listing the letter choice is okay – no need to write out the question. In fact, I prefer if you do not write out the question, as it is easier to grade if you don’t. Please do NOT explain your reasoning for the answer. Put your answers on a separate page after Part I.Upload your homework to Canvas in .pdf format, in one (and only one) file, i.e., combine all your work into one document.Extra Credit (worth up to 2 points): Explore the web page NASA’s Voyager Mission Status (Links to an external site.) and write a brief description of what you see and what you learned. [As always, be sure to include the name of the web page and the URL.]That’s the link for the bookhttps://u1lib.org/book/5869408/ebf1d5
Requirements: until you answer all the question   |   .doc file

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