Explain the issue, the federalism conflict

Federalism is a complex way to govern a country because powers are split among different levels of government. The enumerated powers in the Constitution specify the powers of Congress and the federal government, which includes the provision that Congress can do anything “necessary and proper” to carry out its duties. The Tenth Amendment reserves all other powers to the states. However, the distinction between where the powers that the federal government believes are necessary and proper end, and where the powers reserved to the states begin, is unclear.
Thus, federalism and the U.S. Constitution often cause inconsistent laws to exist in the United States. This can lead to confusion and accusations by some political observers that we need a more consistent method. Do you think we should have a uniform approach to laws? Or is it important to have differences, which reflect the right of states to legislate certain matters within their borders? CHOOSE AN ISSUE in the news today that is a source of conflict between federal and state governments. Explain the issue, the federalism conflict, and give your opinion answering the two questions stated above.

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