“does working out really build muscle?”

Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities project and need support to help me learn.Research ProposalInstructions(you will not do this study—you are only planning and justifying the study)READ ALL OF THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. SEE GRADING FOR AUTOMATIC DEDUCTIONS AND GENERAL CRITERIA.Basic requirements:Requires the use of at least 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources.
Maximum of 6 pages of text (excludes the cover page and references cited section) at 1.5 line spacing (there will be point deductions if you go over 6 pages!)
In-text citations and references section following MLA or APA
NO QUOTES—paraphrase only and cite these sections clearly and fully
Research topic must be related to your major
No pictures, tables or other graphics are included in the text
Required Components and Headings for the proposal:1. Cover Page (name, date, title of project)2. Introduction (this is a required header)Appx 1/2 to 1 pg longA paragraph or two that identifies the research issue/question, and its significance in the related discipline. This is a half to a page long.3. Literature Review (this is a required header)Appx 4 pgs longThe literature review is where you provide sufficient information to orient your reader to the study and to show what is known and not known. This section should provide a context for your proposed study, basically why it matters. Your reader ought to be able to understand the project description based on the literature review. So write for an audience that does not know your topic in detail!The literature review is based on 5 academic, peer-reviewed sources that are contextualized around themes so that a reader understands the what and why of the research issue. NOTE: your score on previous literature review processes/bibliography has no bearing here—you need to mine the literature and if a source is found to not contain what you need, find another one!This section is organized around relevant themes (not authors and individual articles), well-cited and researched.Use subheaders to identify themes. For example:LITERATURE REVIEW (main header)Subheaders (a fantastic tool instead of trying to write transitions to very different sections!!! A. Distribution of Sage Hen B. Environmental Pressures C. BLM/NDOW Mitigation Measures4. Project Research Design (this is a required header)Appx 2 pages longBegin with a very short paragraph (3 sentences or so) that remind your reader of you topic,Following that you dive into how your project is designed, that is how you will get to a conclusion for your research issue/question.Your proposed case study requires the collection of data that will address your research question. The data can be original based on a proposed method or it can be based in existing data found in journals or published databases. Data can be qualitative, quantitative or mixed.IF YOUR PROPOSE TO USE ORIGINAL DATA COLLECTION IT CANNOT INVOLVE BIOLOGICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL DATA.Here you will state exactly how you plan to do the research—how you will assess your research objective. This includesA. The type of data you will acquire—quantitative, qualitative, mixed; what exactly that is (ie., a count of squirrels in a 100×100 m area in the Ruby Mt foothills or narratives from historic mining diaries located at the Nevada State Historical Society)B. Exactly how you will acquire data (i.e., I will do fieldwork in the Ruby Mts for 10 days during Sept and Oct; this will involve a count of squirrels that are spotted directly by the observer, etc. or I will travel to the Nevada State Historic Society to search their archives for diary entries, etc.)C. How and why you will analyze data (i.e., chi square for squirrel distribution or narrative analysis involving identification of historic themes evident in diary entries).This section needs to be very linear so that your reader knows what you will do and how you will do it. Detail are needed! IMPORTANTLY—your data needs absolutely must relate to the research issue and have the ability to assess your objective.5. Ethics Statement (required header)In a few sentences, explain that you will adhere to ethical standards X, Y, Z, etc.6. References Cited (this is a required header)Attach as a separate page. Full citations in MLA or APA style.Grading ApproachAutomatic deductions:Fewer than 5 peer-reviewed sources (-25 pts)Inadequate use of citations (-25 pts)Failure to follow requirements for format such as headers, components of proposal, etc (-20 pts)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________*** (HELPFUL INFO ABOUT THE TOPIC BELOW) ***IntroductionYou have delved pretty deeply into both books for the class and you have considered the nature of an academic endeavor and why the use of an academic library is so crucial to the kind of research you do in college or professionally. And now is the time to start formulating ideas for your research proposal. YES INDEED! Its time to begin the process of topic selection, and it is a process. Review Wang and Park Ch 2 and Macho and McEvoy Ch 1 and implement their suggestions to help narrow your interests.So choosing a topic is the easy part, right? WRONG! Selecting an interesting and relevant topic that relates to your academic discipline (your major and its subdisciplines) is hard. And then add in the requirements for the research proposal and it gets even harder. You are tasked with writing a research proposal. And WHAT does a research proposal do exactly? Research proposal are written to convince someone (a teacher, a funding body, a government agency, your boss, etc.) that a project is worthwhile and should be funded and conducted. From Scribr (https://www.scribbr.com/dissertation/research-proposal/ (Links to an external site.)), consider carefully this very short synopsis:Research proposal aimsRelevanceConvince the reader that your project is interesting, original and importantContextShow that you are familiar with the field, you understand the current state of research on the topic, and your ideas have a strong academic basisApproachMake a case for your methodology, showing that you have carefully thought about the data, tools and procedures you will need to conduct the researchFeasibilityConfirm that the project is possible within the practical constraints of the programme, institution or funding This is a fantastic synopsis because it clearly shows the onus is on the proposal writer to convince readers that you know what you are talking about, that you have done deep academic literature research and can do the project. So getting down to a great topic and later research questions is key as that is the beginning of the process. And the process of selecting a topic also relates to surveying the literature. So its is super important that we start now and refine as we go. REMEMBER–YOUR TOPIC NEEDS TO RELATE TO YOUR MAJOR AND INVOLVE AN ACADEMIC, SCHOLARLY APPROACH. This will help to avoid topics that are not academic, have already been addressed, and/or are not do-able for proposal assignment. For instance, “why does homelessness exist?”, “does working out really build muscle?”, “is a vegan diet good for you?”, “can dogs be trained?”. These are all inappropriate topics for our purpose. You need to find something interesting in your area of study (after all, that is why you have to take this class). This in contrast to something like: “is product placement in a rural Nevada grocery store an effective marketing tool?” which is a good start for a research topic.
Requirements: 6 pages (excludes the cover page and references cited section) at 1.5 line spacing   |   .doc file

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