Discuss how to measure quality of data by using the dimensions of data quality

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Assignment ContentImagine you are employed as an informatics nurse specialist (INS) at a large urban hospital that recently has not been meeting its quality indicators. This has become a major concern because the hospital has always met its quality measures in the past and the fear is that this will have a negative impact on its revenues. As you investigate the data trying to determine if there is a cause for this to happen other than the quality of care declining, you discover the reason is poor clinical documentation. Much of the data is no longer usable because of entry errors, missing data, incorrect data, etc., all affecting the eCQMs. Hospital leadership have asked you to create an educational presentation in which you will explain to employees the importance of clinical documentation improvement. Create a 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation in which you explain to employees the reason why data quality, integrity, and completeness are critical for providing and maintaining quality care. Include the following in your presentation:Provide examples of poor documentation and the possible safety issues that can result from it. Possible items to include:Typos
Incomplete data
Fields with missing data
Data entered in the wrong fields
Copy and paste errors
Use of non-standardized language
Entering critical information into the notes section rather than in EHR fields
Incorrect data
Data issues resulting from workarounds
Incorrect coding or no coding
Discuss how to measure quality of data by using the dimensions of data quality and provide original examples of each: completeness, correctness, concordance, plausibility, currency, granularity, fragmentation, signal-to-noise, and structuredness.
Compare and contrast structured language and unstructured language in how they affect the quality of data.
Make sure to consider who your audience is when developing your presentation. Include speaker notes for each slide, a title slide, and a references slide. Cite a minimum of 3 current professional references to support your work according to APA guidelines.
Requirements: 15 slides   |   .ppt file

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