Compare this experimental value to the value of DAB you find in the literature.)

The homework is home experiment Needed a Straw (closed the other side of the straw) and fill it with acetone get a stop watch and measure the time it takes to diffuse after that collect the data and plug it in the equations you will find most of the math in files
needed Raoults law and Antoine eq
I will attach the book we used also, its not that long it seems to be a lot but it shouldn’t.
This is from the TA
(in the “equivalence to 18.2-19” at-home diffusion derivation, C is a simplified way to write a clump of variables, it’s not little c from cDAB.
I wrote it on the last page of my uploaded document (and it’s on Dr. Peters’), but you’ll measure values and do the math steps and end up with average value of cDAB. Then, calculate c (hint use ideal gas law). Then, you’ll end up with your experimental value of DAB. Compare this experimental value to the value of DAB you find in the literature.)
Comments from Customer
you will find everything in the files just go over them
p 549

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