Analysis of the main competition in the market

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.the outline: 1.Introduction of the company and the products (1 Point) ( in your own words not copied from company website. you can add the vision and mission if possible.)2.Analysis of the main competition in the market (Competition benchmarking) (1 Point)3.Classifying the products PLC throughout the 7 stages (CH4 S7) (2.5 Points)at each stage set a different product and give a proper explanation into why this product is in this stage (note that the accuracy of the stage is not as important as the reasoning on why you put it in that stage. the reasoning has to make sense) ex: if u say heat lipgloss line is at the growths stage and give proper explanation as to why, point will not be deducted because it’s actually at the maturity stage. the explanation has to make sense and the positioning is not too far fetched.note that the Gestation stage is very important (the new product that will be released soon )4.Identification of products whose performance requires further analysis (2 deleted candidates) (2 Points)chose 2 products and further analyse them 5.The Strategy of how to save the product A (1 Points)6.The Strategy of how to delete the product B (CH18 S21) (1 Points)here the product can already be deleted from the company its self or you chose a product to delete, if the company deleted it mention their strategy and if u agree with it and why. if not mention your preferred method and why.1.5 Points: Pictures in the appendixes Appendix: Pictures and tables if available ( a picture for every product is a must)References minimum of 3 word count ( 600-700) of the actual assignment. but if it’s possible please write a detailed explanation under everything in a different color so I can understand why you did it and I can further present it properly and if I encounter any questions I can answer them, as much explanation as possible.lastly, I will provide a reference for shea moisture for a better look on the assignment. as well as the chapter referred to in the outline if you need them.please do not copy everything has to be your own words. it’s a simple work but I explained everything in details so that you don’t miss anything
Requirements: the actual assignment average of 600 words ( for me in a different color as descriptive and detailed as possible)   |   .doc file

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