writing project: the Analytical Report.

Assignment Overview
The research proposal assignment is a one (1) page single-spaced proposal of your idea for your team’s writing project: the Analytical Report. In this assignment, you will try to persuade your team that your idea is worth evaluating and the best option for your team’s writing project. In the end, you and your team will look at all the individual research proposals written by your team members and decide which one you will use. Though I will be grading this assignment, your team members are your audience. You must read the Team’s Writing Project: the Analytical Report Assignment sheet before you begin this assignment.
Assignment Components
Use the headings listed below and fill in the information based on your research.
Provides clear, understandable background on the topic, issue and or problem you are proposing your team research. The background also implies why it is a topic/issue worth studying; include the purpose(s) and audience(s) of the of your proposed research project. Don’t assume your audience is familiar with your topic. Educate them.
Statement of the Problem
Provides a more detailed descriiption of the problem and why it needs to be studied; describe your initial analysis and what you identified as potential problems that need to be studied.
Proposed Solution
The proposed solution might be the type of service you are offering and why the idea is feasible. This section also includes what you are proposing you and your team use to conduct this research, and why you chose the method(s). The problem, in this case, may be just to identify how to improve the current situation.
Shows some of your research questions, demonstrating to your team that you are an experienced researcher who has some sense of the job before you begin. In short, these questions are what will guide your research. (In real-world applications, this section is crucial, as it gives the audience a detailed sense of your approach to the research.) This is literally a list of questions.
Include a preliminary BUT SPECIFIC list of your modes of inquiry. For primary research, this would include a partial list of the people (names, job titles, affiliations) to whom you will be speaking (interviewing), why you will be speaking with him/her, and what you hope to learn. For secondary research, a partial listing of publications (books, journal articles, studies) that you will review is sufficient. The list should include the names of the articles/books and authors. You do not need full APA citations yet. This section must be specific to some degree as it shows me that you have conducted research and you have a plan for accomplishing your goals.
Reflect who you are, why you are interested in this topic/issue, and why you are qualified to do this research. You might include your major and future interests.
Includes a brief summary of what you are proposing to do, and ends with a call to action, encouraging your team to pick your proposal for your team’s research project.
Assignment Purpose
As was the case with the persuasive memo you just completed, the purpose of this assignment is to develop and practice your persuasive writing skills. You will do this by convincing your team members that your idea should be considered for your group’s final analytical report and presentation assignments.
Assignment Timeframe
Assignment Due Date
Individual Research Proposal Sunday, February 6, 2022 by 11:59 p.m.
Assignment Resources
For guidance on creating your Individual Research Proposal, please refer to the following course resources:
Chapter 1: Introduction to Technical Writing (Open Technical Communication)
Chapter 5: Processes and Guidelines in Technical Writing – 5.2: Audience Analysis (Open Technical Communication)
Chapter 3: Understanding Your Audience (Business Communication for Success)- pages 65-91
Chapter 9: Memorandums and Letters (Business Communication for Success)- pages 261-264
Chapter 6: Writing (Business Communication for Success)- pages 164-197
Chapter 14: Presentations to Persuade (Business Communication for Success)- pages 428-455
Chapter 18: Intercultural and International Business Communication (Business Communication for Success)- pages 554-574
Google Slides Presentation- ENC 3249 Week 1
Google Slides Presentation- ENC 3249 Week 2
Google Slides Presentation- ENC 3249 Week 3
Google Slides Presentation- ENC 3249 Week 4
Assignment Expectations
Refer to the rubric on Canvas for the specific criteria, but I will be checking to see that your individual research proposal adheres to the following requirements:
The research proposal is clearly designed and follows proper memo formatting.
The research proposal includes an introduction.
The research proposal includes a statement of the problem.
The research proposal includes a detailed scope.
The research proposal includes a methods section.
The research proposal includes information on the author’s qualifications.
The research proposal has a conclusion that includes a call-to-action.
The research proposal is relevant to the audience and connects with this audience.
The research proposal predicts the audience’s reaction.
The research proposal includes research to support claim(s).
The research proposal is written clearly, with correct grammar, and a minimum number of errors.
The research proposal exhibits clear professional style.
The research proposal is concise and is effective in conveying professional ethos.

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