Write an un-researched analysis (300-400 words) of your song.

The Prompt
Pick out your favorite song and look up the lyrics. Write an un-researched analysis (300-400 words) of your song. First, you will need to identify the song’s theme or message. Then, use the “Poetic Elements” PowerPoint and handout to identify HOW the song conveys its meaning. As always, if you have any questions, just let me know. See the schedule below.
**This is a brief practice essay. It should just have two paragraphs (introduction and one body paragraph).
**You are writing this essay over your favorite song lyrics. Do NOT use the same song that I use in the sample essay!
Due Monday, February 7th by 11:59pm
Hook – The first 1-2 sentences of your essay. The hook should grab your reader’s attention by introducing the general topic of the essay. A hook can be anything from a quote, statistic, short story, joke, etc.
Background Info – The introduction of the essay needs to include specific background information. Include the title of the song (in quotation marks), the band/musician, a brief background of the band (if it is relevant to your thesis), and then transition to your thesis.
Thesis – Here you should identify the theme (meaning) of the song or its purpose. The thesis should also identify the one figurative/poetic devices that your body paragraph is going to analyze.
Body Paragraph
Topic Sentence – The very first sentence of each body paragraph. This sentence needs to identify the ONE figurative/poetic device that the paragraph is going to analyze AND relate it back to the purpose/meaning of the poem that you identified in the thesis.
Analysis – For each body paragraph, focus on ONE literary/poetic device. You can, of course, use more than one example of this device. Analyze HOW and WHY this device helps create/convey the meaning of the song. Make sure you use evidence (i.e. quotes) from the song to support your analysis.
Transition – The last 1-2 sentences of each body paragraph. The transition needs to sum up the main point of the body paragraph AND transition to your next topic sentence.
No conclusion for this essay.
(For the Works Cited, just include a link to your song on YouTube)

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