write about someone

1- i need to you to write about someone called on back in august from unkown number and he curse and threat me
2- in September he assaulted me because i was asking about my money that he borrowed from me but he refuse to pay me back and i suffered from breathing difficulty
– call for service case i called 911 because i got unknown number who knows who i am and where i stay and what i drive …etc the officer advise me to file for civil protection order
– case number CRB2101254 state of ohio vs Talal it happens in October because at that time i have a civil protection order and he violated it by calling me and giving threats the case still going
– case 21-2965 state of ohio against Talal in nomvember i get a call from his friend and him they were telling me that know that i have granted a protection order and you have to stop inform the cops about our calls act like a humman and face us case still going
– case number 2021-11230105 state of Virginia vs Talal at the end of november i got a call from unkown number but i did recognize his voice he was telling that he purchase stun gun and Patton that he will use them against me waiting for his arrest
also this person has alot of arrest warrens from multiple states and his academic record is extremely bad.
i suffered from this person a lot i need a good impact statement he also violated the scholarship rules if a student found guilty or they press charges against him he should loose his scholarship at least 400 words

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