Write a report thoroughly describing the role you most likely would have played in the society

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Select one of the following options depending on where you are living in the United States:Option 1: Visit the site and imagine yourself living in that environment. Consider including family and/or friends in your learning (if living in California).
Option 2: Go on a virtual field trip (if living outside of California). Contact your instructor in advance for this option.
Choose a local site which takes you back to another time in California history. You may choose one of California Historical Landmarks, found at California Historical Landmarks By County (opens in new window) or get approval from the instructor for a site of your choice. Strive for an in-depth, transformational experience by choosing an experience about which you know very little.
Prepare yourself for the experience by reading/reviewing background information about the era in California history that the site represents.
Write a report thoroughly describing the role you most likely would have played in the society and how you think you might have “fit in.” Your descriptions should be visually rich, detailed, and supported with evidence from your visit and research into the historical period.
Requirements: 750 words

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