Write a newspaper article on the day Nelson Mandela got out of prison

Write a newspaper article on the day Nelson Mandela got out of prison in 1994 talk about the atmosphere of that day the reaction of people around you pretend you were reporting that situation as if you were there make it believable
please include the following to make it a strong piece
The article is approximately 500 words.
The article is in newspaper format (columns).
Visual aids must be added (photos, graphs etc.) to make the article visually pleasing
2 sources must have been consulted to research the topic.
Citations must use MLA format exist if quotes or statistics are used from the sources.
There must be a bibliography at the end of the paper using MLA citing these 2 sources.
There is evidence of proofreading spellcheck, correct grammar
The turnitin.com % must be under 20%. The paper is clearly your own work.

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