working on a nutrition question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nutrition question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Please answer question 5 on file [Answers-to-Questions-Blank Tables Document]The detailed requirement for question 5 is on file [2022 Three-day-food-record-assignment.pdf]My 3-day food record is on file [3-day food]Q]UESTION 5: DIETARY ASSESSMENT AND AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENTReview your food intake as shown in tables 2, 3, 4. Assess how well your food intake complies with the following
messages from 2019 CFG by answering the questions below. Insert your answers into table 4, using the Answers to
Questions: Blank Tables Document. A well-answered question will included detailed elaboration such as specific
references to food that you should or should not eat. e.g.
not “I need to consume more vegetables and a greater variety of vegetables and add them to half my plate.”
instead “I need to increase the quantity of vegetables consumed, as I only consumed half the CFG servings
recommended. I also need to consume a greater variety of vegetables, as I consume few vegetables beside potatoes; also
I consume potatoes, mainly as French fries, which are high in saturated fat. I can improve this by adding non-starchy
vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and spinach in the form of salads and stir-fries and avoid deep-frying. I need to add
these to half my plate at each meal to improve overall amounts consumed.”
Requirements: 350

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