working on a nursing discussion question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need support to help me learn.*** Make a Comment***When investigating public health care events and occurrences, researchers can rely on quantitative or qualitative data to provide the necessary information needed to investigate the situation. Quantitative methods allow more factual and numerical data to test a specific hypothesis or theory. These methods include questionnaires, interviews, surveys, and statistical analysis. Researchers can utilize this data to measure event magnitudes and make future predictions based on collected detailed data. Quantitative research methods can be used to investigate a patient’s satisfaction of care, incidence or prevalence of a disease, or success of a new intervention. (LaMorte, 2020) Qualitative research methodology enables researchers to explore social and behavioral concerns related to public health that are not attainable with quantitative methods. Examples of these methods are interviews, focus groups, and participant observation. Participant responses influence how and which questions will be asked. Qualitative methods provide more detail when resolving certain public health events. They look at a full scope and grant the opportunity to explain how and why a particular event occurred and identify overlooked issues. (LaMorte, 2020)

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