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Learning Goal: I’m working on a history question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I will need you to find three quotes from the documents provided, for each topic. There are 6 topics. All these topics should have every 3 quotes for a total of 18 quotes being given to me.I have given this question to two other tutors, who have failed the task.Each quote should have an explanation of the quote, elaborating on the topic like in an essay when there’s a quote and you explain it after. Each explanation should be three thorough sentences, with utmost detail and writing efficiency. This will equal a total of 48 sentences (3 per each quote, 3 quotes per topic, 6 topics). The documents needed are below and all quotes should be in MLA citation. Please organize each topic numbered 1-6 with each topic having three quotes under it, here is an example:Topic 1-Quote 1- 3 sentence explanation-Quote 2- 3 sentence explanation-Quote 3- 3 sentence explanationHere are the 6 topics:1.Petrarch was a fervent Catholic who did not believe that reaching humanity’s destiny and having religious belief were mutually exclusive.2. Humanist ideas highlight human beings’ potential benefit and decency, emphasize shared human needs, and seek only logical solutions to human issues.3. Because of Petrarch, pedagogical approaches shifted from passive rote memorization to active examination throughout the Renaissance.4. Petrarch opened the path for the Catholic Church to provide religious education instead of largely secular subjects. 5. The humanist revolution was able to progress thanks to the collection of Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta. a collection of 366 lyric poems.6. Petrarchs efforts included the recovery of several texts in monasteries and the translation of Greek works into Latin so that they could be understood and examined more easily, advancing the humanistic movement even further.If you can’t find quotations that pertain to any of these 6 topics, please message me so we can discuss alternative topics. PLEASE DO NOT JUST WRITE DOWN RANDOM QUOTES, I WILL CONTACT STUDY POOL AND REQUEST A REFUND IF WHAT’S SENT TO ME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 6 TOPICS. you can open and view the documents that will be used for your quotes and explanation, at this link: PLAGIARISM WILL BE TOLERATED. I WILL TURN IT INTO TURNITIN.COM WHEN I RECEIVE IT FOR MY SAFETY AND IF THERE ARE ANY SIGHTS OF PLAGARISM I WILL REPORT YOU AND RECEIVE A REFUND FOR YOU WORK.
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