which is the “data modeling” part of any DB development work

Learning Goal: I’m working on a databases exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.You are a database developer in a small town.The manager of a local auto repair service asked you to build a database management system for its business transactions, such as services performed, charges asked/paid, parts ordered & price, staff salaries, etc.The data available includes customer & car information, service records, employee info., charges of services (parts & labor), etc. You can set business rules and add more categories of data to this store.For this assignment, you need to create an ERD (entity relationship diagram) for this DBMS. Please indicate the name & attributes of each entity, the relationship among the entities, the primary key for each entity, etc.You can use this TOOL https://erdplus.com/documents to finish this assignment (screenshot is OK), which is the “data modeling” part of any DB development work.In addition to the ERD, you should also list the possible features of your DBMS, such as how to enter data, search & retrieve specific data/record, generating reports (invoice) for the customers.
Requirements: 7 days

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