where did we find feminism

read the Introduction to Sara Ahmed’s book Living a Feminist Life, subtitled “Bringing Feminist Theory Home.” As we begin to explore the history of women’s activism as well as present-day social justice movement, Ahmed suggests: “We can ask ourselves: where did we find feminism, or where did feminism find us?” and “From whom did I find feminism?” (4). For this discussion board, please compose an answer to these questions that draws from your own life experience as well as the other class materials we’ve engaged with so far. For example, think back on when you first noticed social inequality, an experience that made you concerned about women’s issues, or a person who helped you to understand an identity different than your own. You may also include any quotes, questions, or ideas from our readings that deepened your understanding of what feminism looks like today.
In total, you should contribute around 250 words (about one double-spaced page) to this thread.

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