When do we need to check on the progress of those milestones?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.In this week’s assignment, you will work through the planning and implementation stages of the project. This will require you to determine goals, resources needed, and to select an evidence-based practice (EBP) model.Start with the solution that you determined would be most effective in resolving the stated problem and define the intended outcomes of implementing the change (i.e., what is your improvement goal?). In order for quality to improve, a change must occur. That change must be quantifiable, in other words, it must be measurable.1. Create an implementation plan in which you:A. Explain how you will measure the change and how you will know when you have reached your improvement goal. (Level 1 heading APA can be named “Measure the change) (This will be INTRODUCTION PARAGHRAPH, this where you address the problem, what you hope to do with it and how you hope to measure it)B. Create a list of outcomes required to reach your outcomes goal. This will allow you to determine the actions needed and the priority of tasks that will result in the desired outcome. (Discuss like ” hope this will decrease injuries, falls, risks for falls, increase patient`s safety etc)C. Determine who will be responsible for each outcome (typically each is assigned to a team member who is motivated in seeing the successful implementation of the plan. Basically “Who is your stakeholders that are helping with this project , if any, or it might be just you work on of preventing falls” If will be just you then mention “I will be responsible for outcomes or the nursing staff on my unit will be responsible for implementation the project”))D. Determine the actions needed to take place for each outcome to occur. (Level 1 heading can ne called “ACTIONS NEEDED”) Questions to consider when determining what action needs to take place:Who do we need to talk to or educate? Departments? Stakeholders? (for most part it will be patients and nurses)
What needs to be decided? (What look at? alternatives? what needs to be done to address the problem)
What resources are needed? (1. Budget can just say “will need to cover the supplies of the project or smth like that no need to give numbers 2. Personnel, 3. Supplies and equipment)
What milestones need to be set to know we’re on track? (“We would measure the data in 90 days interval and if the numbers gone down, we will know that project is working’)
When do we need to check on the progress of those milestones? Overall timeframe for the project (MUST. EX. “My project will take 6 months because ….” Brief 4 sentences why that time frame is appropriate for project)
What potential setbacks do we need to plan for? Risk management plan. (how would you address if they happen)
Do any tasks need to be done before taking this action. (up to you if you want to mention anything)
E. Determine how you will monitor progress, which provides you the means of tracking actions as they are completed and will make you aware of actions that are late or off track.
F. Select an EBP model to guide the implementation of the plan, and discuss why is it appropriate . (It can be Johns Hopkins model)
2. Create an evaluation plan. Your evaluation plan will define the standard of measurement for progress and will include:Measurable outcomes (both short-term and long-term – formative assessments and summative assessments)
Data to be collected and how and when it is to be collected (surveys, patients data satisfaction etc)
Established evaluation points where data can be evaluated and adjustments made to the implementation plan as a result.
Requirements: as needed   |   .doc file

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